The dream would be to create 5-15 Arduino "modules" that cn be used to build basic Arduino/hardware/software knowledge. A module includes the following items:

Ideally all of these items would be in a plastic bag. People could show up, look at a list of projects, pick one, check it out and build it that night. After building a few "kits" people would know enough to then branch out on their own and build from scratch.

If this approach works, SGA or companies could be approached to fund additional "kits" over time. ACM could offer these "kits" (what Arduino night evolves into) as a community service to CS and other majors.

Robot Chassis

Several "standard" chassis exist for two and four wheeled robots. If we had appropriate drawings, we could cut these chassis with a laser cutter (instead of having to buy them). This would mean that available money could be invested elsewhere.

I have been unsuccessful in find any of the source drawings (usually SVG files that can be edited with the free software inkscape).

Please start looking and e-mail here anything you find. Here are a couple of sample kits with the chassis that appear to be most common.

2 wheel 4 wheel Bracket for sensor

Tank Tracks

Wheeled robots are cool but traction can be a problem. I would like to find a DIY, inexpensive solution. Maybe one like this: Bike chain tracks