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The nmon2web tool converts server performance data from multiple LPARs into dynamic web pages on a central server. The performance data may be displayed for individual servers, or for the combined partitions on a shared server.

Operations Overview

The operations requirements for nmon2web are straight forward.

Setup Pre-Req's

** The rrdtool pre-allocates all storage at creation time. Storage can take up to 1 GB per LPAR depending on the nmon sampling rate and the database retention time.


The setup.ksh automates the installation (and upgrades). It copies the nmon2web files to their proper directories and sets up permissions. You can copy the files manually (see the setup script).


The nmon2web tool converts nmon data from multiple servers into web pagges on a central web site. Each server runs "nmon -f" for for some period of time (1-24 hours), then sends the output file to the staging directory on the central web server. The "" script on the web server converts the nmon data into rrdfiles and creates the webpages. (I leave the details of the data transfer to the web server up to you. You can choose rcp, NFS, ssh, rsync, etc.)

The nmon2web tool automate the conversion process. The tool processes all nmon.csv files in the staging directory. If it's a new server, the script will create the necessary directories, rrdtool databases. It then creates the daily and trend charts for the server. (The nmon2web.cgi aggregates performance data from multiple partitions on a shared server.)

The installation involves the "monitored servers", and a central web server.

  1. Monitored Servers:
  2. Central Web Server:

Installation Steps for Monitored Servers

  1. Use cron to automate nmon data collection.
    # following cron entry will run nmon with a 10 minute sample rate, starting
    # at 00:01 for 24 hours:
    01 00 * * * (cd /system_dir/nmon/HOSTNAME; /usr/local/bin/nmon -x)
  2. Automate upload of the nmon files to web server. (I run ssh as a cron job)

Installation Steps for Web Server

  1. File descriptions
  2. Install the web server code and rrdtool rpm.

Known Limitations

Revision History

First Release: June 2006

July 2006 Bug fix

September 2006

November 2, 2006

February 11, 2009

November 2010

July 27, 2012

October 7, 2013

December 20, 2013