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Problem Solving in Computer Science

Fall 2012 -- CSC 2700 Section 02

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   CSC 2700 Section 02
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   6:30 PM - 8:20 PM
   2012 Spring
   2011 Fall


  • C related
    • Read an entire line (ignoring whitespace at begining and end of line): cnt = scanf("%[^\n]\n",str);
      • cnt has the following value possibilities:
        • 0 - blank line read
        • EOF - end of file encountered
        • positive number - characters read
      • %[^\n] is a format regular expression that says to get from beginning of line (^) until end of line (\n)
      • The second \n after the close bracket consumes the end of line
      • Note that this is vulenerable to overflow. If the line length is greater than str is declared for, it will continue to keep going (buffer overflow)
      • Note that white space at begining and end of line are lost
    • A better alternative that does not have a buffer overflow is: cnt = scanf("%10000[^\n]\n",str);
      • This assumes that str was declared to be 10000 characters long and will read a max of 10000 caracters
    • gets alternative that does not have stack overflow issues

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