LSU ACM Arduino Information

Training Modules

We are developing these training modules to help folks get started with the Arduino. Our goal is not to develop every module possible (although contributions and ideas are welcome). Our goal is to help folks learn enough terminology that they can graduate to the myriad of projects available online. We feel this is needed because may of the posted projects are really neat, but assume some amount of prior knowledge. Consider these modules as bootstraps that you can use so that you are ready for the rest.

LEDBlink an LED
2 LEDsTwo Alternating Blinking LEDs (railroad crossing lights)
Fading LEDMake LED brightness vary
Range FinderUse a sonar device to measure distance
7 Segment LEDMake a 7 segment LED count form 0 to 9

Work to be done

Ideas for future modules

Other Beginner References/Tutorials